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  • Composites
    And the company's hpw-2002QCS system can be a
  • Non-woven / textile
    Application to non-woven and textile producti
  • Extrusion and Casting
    Application to plastic extrusion and casting
  • Calendering
    Application to plastic calendar production li
  • Sythetic leather
    Application to synthetic leather production l
  • Coating
    Application to coating production line consis
  • Rubber
    Introduction:Application to rubber productio
  • Paper making
    Application to paper making production line c
  • Blown film
  • Plastic Film
    Happyway web inspection system (WIS) can appl
  • Paper Making
    Happyway web inspection system (WIS) can appl
  • Non-woven production
    Happyway web inspection system (WIS) can appl
  • The 5th International Paper Film Film Processing Printing Technology, Equipment and Materials Expo
    ICE China 2016 The 5th International Pap
  • Nineteenth China International Adhesive Sealant Exhibition
    China International Adhesive and Sealant
  • Twenty-third session of the International Paper Exhibition and Conference (2016.4.11-13)
    Our company will attend the 23rd Interna
  • The 15th Shanghai International Bag Dust Technology and Equipment Exhibition and Seminar
    By the China Environmental Protection In
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